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Category: Aftershave Lotion

Brand: Bump Patrol


: GENTLE BUT EFFECTIVE – This formula is Dermatologist recommended and great for anyone that has super sensitive skin and for those allergic to aspirin. Starts eliminating razor bumps, burns and irritation in as little as 48 hours. ALCOHOL-FREE SOLUTION – The sensitive aftershave contains no alcohol and is non-greasy, so it won’t clog your pores. It has added moisturizer in it which will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. USE WITH DEPILATORIES – The after shave can be used with depilatories (powders, gels, creams and sprays) to help prevent allergic reactions, bumps and redness post treatment. AFTERSHAVE FOR WOMEN – This sensitive aftershave is great for women’s shaving needs too! Women apply it after shaving their underarms, legs, bikini line and other sensitive areas. No more nicks, cuts, razor burn and bumps! GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – This aftershave treatment is suitable for all ethnicities and skin types. Whether you have a fair Caucasian skin tone or a dark African American skin tone, your skin will thank you for applying this solution.

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