All About Hair Damage

By Admin - 9/23/21, 5:27 AM

By Napturally Val, Hair blogger.

We have hair goals that we are chasing be it health, length, volume, shine, definition you name them. Sometimes, if not most, damage comes in the way of us achieving our hair goals costing us the definition, length and volume.

It's almost impossible to avoid hair damage because of the normal wear and tear, unhealthy hair care practices & so on. Did you know some hair damages are permanent? The only way you get rid of the damage is to cut it off? The good news is you can avoid and minimize hair damage. 

Types of hair damage

Heat damage

Heat damage is the most common type of hair damage. I mean we all love seeing our length and for some reasons most people think it's more official and tidy. Excessive use of hot tools to style and curl up your hair breaks the protein bonds.

Heat damage is characterized by; loose hair pattern, reduced elasticity, hair dryness, appearance of split hair & excessive breakage. You can prevent heat damage by using minimal heat, the right heat tools (quality matters) and using heat protectants.

hair damage
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Is heat damage reversible? Yes and No. If you notice heat damage on your hair, use protein treatments and if your hair doesn't revert, trim the damaged hair as you grow out your hair. Damaged hair never looked good on anyone.

Mechanical Damage

Happens due to improper hair handling. What do I mean by improper hair handling; holding your hair too tight or wearing tight hairstyles, improper detangling, not moisturizing, skipping trims, over manipulation etc. You'll notice split ends, endless single strand knots and tangles, overly dry hair, thinning or receding hairline & excessive breakage.

You can prevent hair damage by practicing healthy hair practices like;

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Chemical Damages

Chemical damages means damage caused by chemicals mostly relaxers and color. Color bleaching can be temporary (fade away after some time) or permanent (to get rid of the color, wait until the color grows then cut off the colored ends)

Incorrectly done color bleaching can cause damage. How does the damage occur you ask? Over-processing and using strong products, leaving the color for too long, coloring unhealthy hair and overlapping (adding new color on previous colored hair.) Treat your hair with both moisturizing and protein deep conditioners before coloring to maintain the moisture-protein balance, health first.

Damage caused by relaxers is also irreversible, once the hair shaft is damaged there isn't much you can do about it. Give your hair all the TLC it needs, deep moisture and protein conditioning, moisturizing & wearing protective styles then cut off the damaged ends as you grow out your natural hair "growth."

If you have or had hair damage, you know how to avoid and handle it & to those doing the most to minimize damage, keep going your hair will thank you.

Have you experienced hair damage & how did you handle it?

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