Does your Hair Define your Personality?

By Admin - 9/8/21, 1:37 AM

Does your Hair Define your Personality?

By Napturally Val, Hair Blogger

Did you know hairstyle says a lot about your personality? No? Read on and let us know your favorite hair styles & what it says about you.

Well, hair is one of the first things we tend to notice when we meet someone, gives the first impression. How many times have you been asked or heard, "Is your hair natural? Which braid, wig is that? Who is your hair stylist?" A couple of times I guess. Hair & hair styles speak loads about our personality and our roots too.

Do you part your hairstyles to the left, right or a center part. Left sided parts show you're analytical, smart & an alpha female while right sided parts speak creative, spontaneous and in touch with your emotions and lastly the center part shows strive for balance, you're organized and can be easy going. So, to which side do you part your hair?

Napturally val

Colors do say a lot too, red color means a ball of energy, fun loving, wild and adventurous. Don't we agree with this? Natural grey hair, dyed grey hair or grey hairstyles are for the confident, those who don't conform to society's beauty standards while bold colors shout hey rebel & free spirited person.

Short hair & cropped cuts gives a confident and professional look especially in an office set up unlike long hair that's often labelled sexy but not as professional. Do you believe people with straight hair are perfectionists, control freaks & conservative? Sis, rock that straight hair regardless.

Thick hair screams high energy, strong will power and sometimes stubbornness. I mean thick hair is stubborn, it takes a lot to style/ tame it. Natural curls are for free spirited, care free and easy going while for loose waves, chances are you're creative with strong will power.