Secret Code for Slow Growing Edges and Hair

By Admin - 9/6/21, 2:16 PM

By Judith Oweje (Hair  Enthusiast)

This post is  SECRET code for Slow growing edges and hair

If you've been struggling to grow your hair then sis today is your lucky day.


Well, because i finally cracked what it takes to grow your hair fast if it naturally grows slow(like mine)

Sometime back, i had destroyed my edges due to a poorly installed feed-in cornrows

I needed a quick fix which led to my two month research on growing hair. Forget the youtube videos that tell you to invert your head i dont know which style... This is not even about protein treatments and moisture stuff.

This is something different that will change how you think about hair.

The secret to hair...moment of silence..

The SECRET to hair growth is ayurvedic herbs.

Have you ever wondered why indians have long thick hair? 

Ayurveda is their secret and indian herbs work on African hair too or kinky hair or just any hair.

I, however, realised that some herbs worked faster than others.( herbs that were green in color e.g moringa, neem, amla, brahmi) and guys there's science behind it...

Let me take you back a little bit to your science class...

Remember how the teacher used to say that a plant's food is made in the leaves (chlrophyll+sunlight)

Meaning that the leaves part carry the most nutrients which our bodies also needs.

Meaning that when you use these powders in your oils and butter, you hair gets most of the nutrients(directly) that promote hair growth.

I started out with masks (amla, moringa and henna-for strengthening and breakage) but realised washing them out was messy(especially henna)

So i made an ayurvedic herbs infused oil and butter.

PARTING SHOT: if your hair grows much slower you need ayurveda herbs, you'll see great results(realistic ones) in a month or two

DISCLAIMER?: You don't need to change your entire routine, you can start with an oil or even just the tea as hair spritz.

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