Fads and trends and why we care about them.

By Admin - 4/23/21, 4:59 PM

By Trizah Fay


Most conversations around fads and trends take on a negative stance where you’re told to avoid these things as they are a waste of time, and money But, are they? These fads and trends give us a chance to experiment and do new things with our style, and sometimes they also give us some instant gratification. So, before you frown upon the next trendy thing, here are some reasons why you should try it, if you like it.


Fads and trends inspire our creativity


There is nothing new under the sun. And yet we all manage to remain different as individuals. For example, when the mohawk trend started, it was mostly for people with the punk rock or gothic style. Yet eventually, even people with locs curated a version for themselves. Some people even used cornrows to get the mohawk look and it was just as beautiful. Yes, these styles are like mass-produced fashion, but you can always make it your own if you like it enough.  



Trends last because they work


 A fad, is a behavior that attracts a large following even if only for a short time and they are mostly a product of experimentation and mass approval. If you like it, that’s already a good sign. Trends, on the other hand, come and stay for a while. Like the matte lipstick trend. It has stayed on because it works. Necessity is what leads to the creation of these fads and trends, and when they work, we embrace them. It’s science.



Fads and trends are part of our evolution story


There was a time when we were comfortable cooking with firewood. Then we moved to charcoal. And then everyone started buying kerosene stoves, and finally gas burners. This is our evolution story around fuel and it is mostly driven by trends. In a similar way, our lives are the cumulative experience of the trends that we embrace.


While you should not follow all the fads and trends that you come across, do not shy away from the ones that you really like. If you like it, it’s probably because it resonates with you and that’s always a good thing.

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