Some self-care tips for more wholesome living

By Admin - 4/23/21, 5:00 PM

By Trizah Fay


One thing that we constantly hear is that self-care is expensive. And that can be true if you want to sip champagne in Maldives or go on a 6-month sabbatical away from capitalism. However, there are many simple ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routine without breaking the bank. 


Self-care is an art!


Yes. To some people, the mere act of oiling their skin after taking a shower is self-care. If you simply slap your lotion on and keep it moving, you’re missing out on the opportunity to nurture and love yourself with that simple routine. Stand in front of a mirror and take your time to cater to every inch of your skin. The luxury of that experience will certainly please your soul. 



The little things count.


A scented candle. A nice shower gel. A bouquet of flowers from your local supermarket. A hot cup of spicy tea when it’s cold outside. An extra hour of sleep when your body needs it. These are all minimal effort indulgences that you may not even think twice about. And yet, when done intentionally, can leave you feeling very cared for. Try it.



Words can bind.


How do you talk to yourself? You can take yourself on the most expensive holidays but if your inner voice is always critical and never nurturing, you are not taking care of yourself. You are trying, and that’s a good place to start, but it will not work until you change your inner voice. Say nice things to the mirror while getting ready in the morning. Acknowledge your wins at the end of each day. Celebrate the things you love about yourself while doing your makeup or fixing your hair for the day. Train your brain to be nice to you. And practice grace with yourself, every day.


Take some time for yourself.


Being attentive to someone is a love language. And it also applies to you. Spend some time with your thoughts. Write them down. Make plans for yourself. Deal with any stressors that you may have been putting off. See a doctor about that health concern that you’ve been ignoring. Talk to a therapist about a trigger that you have noticed. Take practical steps to make your life easier, and better.

Caring for yourself does not have to be a flamboyant affair. It just has to feel good. Try these out, and also share what works for you. We’d love to know!


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