Time saving Beauty hacks you’ll wish you’d known sooner

By Admin - 4/23/21, 5:01 PM

Everyone loves a good beauty hack to make life just a little easier, right? Here are some of our best beauty secrets.

To avoid mascara smudges, hold up a business card behind your lashes and then apply the mascara. This way, any smudges that could have gone on your skin will be on the card instead. 

If you run out of blotting paper, a single layer of tissue paper or a serviette will do just fine. Place it on your face and pat lightly to absorb all those extra oils. 

If you need your nail polish to dry faster, you can dip your fingers into a bowl of cold water for a few minutes. 

For a dewy finish, mix a tiny little bit of your highlighter and moisturizer into your foundation. Your skin will look like it’s glowing from within. 

Mixing sugar with coconut oil makes the best lip scrub ever! You can also mix sugar with Vaseline if you don’t like coconut oil. 

You can also rub Vaseline on dry and cracked heels every night before putting on your socks. This will make your heels softer. 

Use a t-shirt to dry your hair after washing it. Towels take all the moisture out, and the rough fibers are not gentle to your hair shaft. 

Heating up your kohl eye liner will make it darker and more gel-like. Just remember to let it cool for a while before using it on your eyes. 

Apply perfume on your pulse points for a long-lasting scent. (Behind the ear. Inside your wrist. The base of your throat. Inside the elbow. Behind the knee)

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