4 Questions hairdressers should ask clients to keep them the longest

By Admin - 4/20/21, 2:51 PM

Hair consultations definitely benefit you as much as your client. Any type of hair service should always start with a consultation. 

The purpose of this consultation is to help both you and your client understand one another. It also helps you as the stylist to further break down barriers and learn more about your clients. The more you know, the better services you can provide. 

1. What Does Your Daily Hair Routine Look Like? 

Being aware of your client’s daily hairstyling ritual can help you gauge the type of customer they are. For example clients who put minimal effort into their hair care are going to want a hair do that is easy to maintain, while clients who don’t mind spending more than two hours might prefer more complex styles. Understanding their hair routine will help you guide them to a successful hairstyle that is specific to them. 

2. What Products Do You Use on Your Hair?

Finding out how your client normally treats her hair is a key aspect that you the hairdresser needs to know. By asking this question, you can offer advice and hair care tips based on their response. Giving professional industry knowledge shows your clients that you care about their hair health and eventually builds customer loyalty. 

3. What Are Some of Your Worst and FavoUrite Hairstyles?

One of the most important questions you can ask your client is what he/she likes. They can speak from personal experience and show you what they like and don’t like through photographs. Everybody is different and you need to understand what your client prefers to serve them in the best way possible. While you think your client would look amazing in a bob cut, she may think otherwise. 

4. What Is Your Long-Term Hair Goal? 

Your client should have an idea of what they would like for their hair in the near or far future. Learning about your clients goals can determine their most suitable styles in the road to achieving them. For example, clients that want to grow out their hair should not be given styles or use products that thin their hair out. Instead, educate the client on protective styles and safe hair care products to facilitate hair growth. 

As you understand more about their hair goals, you cultivate an even better experience. Everything that you do for your client now must align with what they want for their hair in the future.

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